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13″ ORANGE Ceramic Kamado Egg BBQ


Higoshi ORANGE Ceramic Kamado BBQ Outdoor Grill


Kamado cookers are extremely versatile. Not only can they be used for grilling or smoking but also bread, pies and cookies can be baked effortlessly inside them. Due to there excellent heat retention properties, high temperatures can be achieved and maintained by precise control of airflow via the top and bottom vents. High temperatures are ideal for cooking food such as burgers, fish and ribs whilst low heats will cook larger joints over a longer period of time, Why not try adding some wood chips to charcoal or try combining different flavor wood chips to make your meats even more flavorsome. Our kamado barbecue grill will surely offer you and your friends / families great BBQ fun. The feet add extra stability to the grill. Washable, Portable & Easy to use.

Size with stand: 56cm (22″)
Size without stand: 45cm (18″)


– Arrival in wooden boxes

– Perfect for patio and garden parties.

– These kamados are available in 4 other colours in my shop: BLACK, RED, ORANGE, BLUE & GREY.

Stand included and grill plate included.

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