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Door Chain Screen



90cm Wide x 210cm Drop

Anodised Aluminium Chains are used to make up this effective Fly Insect Screen Door Curtain. High quality linked chains are designed for a standard door frame, will lift out of the box in one peice and fit easily onto the supplied “L ” Shaped Screw Fittings.

Not only are the Chains attractive they are ideal for keeping out unwanted pests from Kitchen, Work or Home areas.  Ideal for Outdoor use.

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They are very durable and will wipe clean when needed.

Chain links can be easily removed for shorter drops if required

Anodised Aluminium means the Chains are Durable, Colourfast & Rustproof

Great for Both Commercial and Domestic Use

Aluminium Header is Easy to fit, and lifts on and off with ease

For Wider Doorways (ie Patio Doors) Hang 2 or more together

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