Higoshi BLUE Ceramic Mini Cooking Table Top Pizza Oven


Higoshi BLUE Ceramic Mini Table Top Pizza Oven


Pizza oven without stand size: 56cm x 29cm
Pizza oven with stand size: 72cm x 40cm

This new ceramic outdoor pizza oven adds the delicious charred flavour to your pizza including a crispy base, Making pizza cooking and preparation more fun with the hunger inducing aroma, These pizza ovens add flavour that you can’t get from a regular indoor kitchen ovens, Pizzas cook more evenly baked on the stone included.The perfect-oven cooked pizza.

Simply use charcoal or wood to light the pizza oven, When the charcoal is clearly lit push towards the back of the oven then you simply add the pizza stone and heat for approx 30 – 40 minutes then finally put the finished pizza in the oven and bake for around 10 minutes at approx 175 degrees.

– Tabletop pizza oven are about as low-maintenance as barbecues come.

– Perfect for patio and garden parties.

– These pizza ovens are available in 4 other colours in my shop: ORANGE, BLACK, RED, BLUE & GREY.

Pizza stone INCLUDED

Free pizza paddle INCLUDED



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