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Tension Rods / Net Rods / Cafe Rods

We are often asked whats the difference between TENSION RODS, NET RODS AND CAFE RODS.

Let me explain:

A Tension Rod, is usually a rod with a spring inside so it needs no extra brackets or supports to help it stay in place.   A Tension Rod is extended to a few millimeters wider than the recess its going into, its then squeezed into the gap.  The tension on the spring will keep the Tension Rod in place.  These are for use with light weight Net Curtains or Voiles.  They are not intended for lined or medium/heavy curtains.  Sometimes a Centre Support is required to stop the rod from sagging in the middle.

Net Rod is very similar to a Tension Rod again usually going into a window recess for nets or voile panels,  but they tend to be a little thinner.  There is no internal spring so these types of Rods need small L Shaped Brackets.  Ours come supplied with a FREE L Shaped Screw In hook you can also buy Adhesive hooks if you cant screw into the window frame.  These work just as well as Tension Rods but are a little less stable (as they are thinner)

Cafe Rod is a little different.  These usually are more decorative and need brackets to work.  (Which are supplied with the Rod)   These are usually used where people need a small rod, for smaller nets, voiles or Cafe Nets.

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How To Measure For Net Curtains

How To Measure For Net Curtains

Measuring for net curtains involves taking two measurements on your window. If you already have a net curtain wire or net curtain rod in place measure the drop from the wire or rod to where you want the curtain to end. If not, then measure from the top of the frame (not the glass), inside the window reveal. For the width measure the width of the existing wire or net curtain rod, or the frame if none is currently fitted.

Net curtains come in various drops with a hem made at the top for the net curtain wire or rod to pass through, so the next step is to choose the nearest drop to your measurement. This may be slightly less or more than your measurement and still work for your window. If a standard drop is not quite right for your window, you can shorten the curtain net by turning over the top hem, or getting a seamstresses can shorten the next longest drop to your measurement.

Once you know which drop you want, you need to decide how full to have your curtains. The standard fullness is 2 x your width measurement, but if you want additional privacy you can go for 2.5 or even 3 times fullness. Multiply your width measurement by the fullness you’ve chosen and that gives the length of net curtain fabric you need to buy. Most net curtains do not fray, so you can leave the edges as cut. If you prefer a hemmed edge, you can do this yourself or your seamstresses can hem them for you.

Example window measurements:
Drop 142cm, Width 183cm

Drop chosen 140cm, 2x fullness so 366cm of net curtain needed. You may need to round this up to 4m of net curtain fabric, depending on how it is sold.

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Made to Measure Voile Curtains

Coming This Month:  A Fabulous New Range of Made to Measure Voile Curtains,  Fed up of boring Net Curtains then brighten up your home with our New Range of Pure Voile Curtains.  They can be made in any Width and Drop size to suit your Windows.  Then you have the choice of Slot Top Header, 1″ Standard Curtains Header Tape, 2″ Net Pleat Header, 3″ 3 Pocket Header, 3″ 6 Pocket Header, 3″ Velcro Header, or You can have them Fully Lined, Lined with Eyelet Header, Unlined with Eyelet Header, Pinch Pleat Lined or Pinch Pleat unlined.  Delivery is just 7-14 days.

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Steak Stones for Christmas

Why not treat your loved ones to one of our great Steak Stone Sets for Christmas, a great way to serve Steak, Fish & Lots More,

Makes a Great talking point at dinner parties.

Easy to heat in your oven in just an hour.

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